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Competition Time

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Competition Time

Post by Horizon on Sat Aug 21, 2010 2:30 pm

In the poll above, you will find answers to the question i am about to ask you in this topic

Im Horizon, a hotel Moderator and i will now hold a competition.
And you, the public will decide what you shall win
The prize will be great, and there are many prizes to choose and win.
There will be 1st, 2nd, 3rd places and runners up
You will decide what the 1st prize will be

The actual competition

In the next week, thats 7 days from now, next saturday, the competition will end.
This is what you have to do:
1. Build a room, what ever you fancy, i don't care

2. Name the room, ditto

3. Now heres the best bit, i will come to your room, trash it, then YOU have to put it back together again, i will screenshot every room, and the happo with the best fix, wins


1. Every room must have at least 50 furni in it, the more there is, the more chance you'll win
2. You must not take a screenshot of your room, because if its utterly perfect, i mean perfect in every single way, you will loose points
3. Do not attempt to bribe me

Have fun choosing the prizes

2nd place will win a super

3rd place will win 1000 credits

Runners up will receive 100 credits (There can only be 5 runner ups)

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