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Farewell.. Empty Farewell..

Post by Dallas Tue Aug 31, 2010 4:22 pm

This is, yet again, another good bye. Unfortuneately, all things must come to an end and this is that time. I am done, and hopefully for a while, with Happo. I won't be maintaining the forums or anything any longer. It will just rot I suppose until Justin, someone else, or me decides to open it up and run it for themselves. To be honest, Justin won't be coming back. We are busy with more important things, such as life. So the only real reason Happo might be coming back is by someone who wants to take it into their own hands.

Well, I bet you're all wondering why close, why close Happo? Well the reason is not only do I have life to attend to, but I also have work and schooling to be on top of. Last year I kind of let it go a tad and got behind. The only year I've done that in my school career and it messed me up. I also recieved some virus' that messed up my computer, but luckily I was able to recover it. This, of course, has to be the second time something like this has happened.

Thank you to all the current and previous staff members. Sorry you weren't able to really do much. You were all great and hope the best of luck to you in other hotels. Also a thanks to you all for playing Happo. We weren't very much without your presents. Another thanks to the returning Happos, you were most loyal to Happo and for that, we thank you. As well as to Justin, I know you kind of just withered away from Happo, but you were great. I don't think I would've got anywhere without you. You rock.

My final good byes.

I am done with Happo and Habbo. I have grown out and it is all boring. My Habbo stuff is being sold on craigslist because I just don't need the junk anymore. If you happen to wonder what it all is, click the link provided. http://inlandempire.craigslist.org/search/?areaID=104&subAreaID=&query=habbo&catAbb=sss

Good bye and farewell Happo. Rest in peace.
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